Thought is wonderful,
but adventure is more wonderful still.
Oskar Wilde (1854-1990)

In free adaption of this quotation we design our journeys and tours.

Motorbike travel on a high level

Our offering is made for bikers who want to explore the country and it's people. Discovering the cultures of foreign countries by bike is an particularly intense experience. Our tour guides will show you the little treasures along the road and will lead you onto unique roads aside the main roads. We are driving at a comfortable speed and with frequent stops through a breathtaking beautiful scenery.

The route is our goal

On all our tours we emphasize safety. A day full of great sights and memorable moments will only become a unique experience when everyone reaches home safely. According to our philosophy riding joy is based on a conscious road selection instead of the distance traveled.

Traveling with KULTourBIKES – a somewhat different motorbike journey!